Business model

What is Zentt?

Where users earn rewards, thats transcend in app utility, by minimizing their screen time and encouraging a more focused and productive lifestyles. Zentt is a mobile app that aims to create a rewarding ecosystem for our users, allowing them to engage with our app and earn rewards in the form of $ZNT, our proprietary digital currency.

Earning and Using $ZNT

Upon joining Zentt, users have the ability to use the app completely free of charge. Through engagement and participation users are rewarded with $ZNT. At first $znt holders will be able to use it for:

  • Currency Exchange: Users can exchange $ZNT for other digital currencies or convert it into fiat money, offering flexibility in how rewards are utilized.

  • Membership Purchase: $ZNT can be directly used to purchase a membership, providing users with exclusive benefits.

Membership Benefits

Purchasing a membership, whether through $ZNT, fiat money, or other digital tokens like $SOL, elevates the user experience significantly. Membership unlocks:

  • Enhanced Utilities: Members gain access to features that enhance their interaction with the app.

  • Extra Missions and Achievements: Exclusive missions and unique achievements are available to members, adding depth to the user experience.

  • Unique Titles and Rewards: Members can earn titles and rewards that distinguish them within the Zentt community.

Path to Membership

For users starting out and don't want to invest in a membership, accumulating enough $ZNT to purchase a membership is a journey that spans 3 seasons. This pathway ensures that even free users have the opportunity to experience the full benefits of Zentt with dedication and engagement.

Economic Model

The economic foundation of Zentt is designed to be sustainable and beneficial for both the company and its users:

  • Revenue Sharing: A portion of each membership purchase is allocated to the company’s cash reserve, supporting the operational and developmental needs of Zentt.

  • $ZNT Burn Mechanism: Another part of the membership fee is used to burn $ZNT, a process that helps in regulating the currency's supply and value.

  • Treasury and Cash Reserve Replenishment: Transaction fees are implemented as follows:

    • 0.3% of all $ZNT transactions are redirected to replenish the app's treasury, ensuring a continuous flow of rewards and operational sustainability.

    • 0.7% of all $ZNT transactions contribute to the company's cash reserve, supporting financial health and enabling future growth.

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