Go to market and next steps

Bridging the Gap Between Web2 and Web3

Zentt is uniquely positioned to introduce a broader demographic to the benefits of Web3 technology through a universally relatable entry point: the desire to improve focus and productivity. Our strategy leverages the existing Web3 community to enhance our marketing efforts while simultaneously appealing to those outside the Web3 space, looking for tangible improvements to their daily lives.

Social Media

Aware of the double-edged sword that is social media, our strategy aims to engage potential users right where they spend a significant amount of time. By creating viral content that prompts reflection on the use of social media—such as questioning if users can recall the last five videos they watched—we plan to generate buzz and drive traffic to Zentt. This approach will be adaptive, exploring various creative avenues to achieve virality.

University Campaigns

Zentt presents a unique proposition for students: the opportunity to be rewarded for focused study time. By positioning Zentt as a tool that not only enhances academic performance but also offers financial incentives to pay for students loans, personal debts, etc, we aim to attract a student user base. Collaborations with universities will be pursued to introduce Zentt as a beneficial tool for their students, Zentt can be an accessible "scholarship" for everyone.

Referral Campaign

To foster community growth, we will implement a referral program rewarding users for bringing new members to Zentt. Participants, along with their referrals who maintain a week of focused activity on Zentt, will be rewarded, thus incentivizing the expansion of our user base through personal networks.

Community Development and Engagement

Recognizing the importance of a vibrant community, we plan to introduce features that encourage interaction and engagement, such as tournaments, a marketplace, and event-driven content. This initiative aims to keep our users engaged and invested in the Zentt ecosystem, leveraging the natural advocacy of a satisfied user base to further our reach.

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