Financial Projections and Key Metrics Overview

Our ambition is to tap into the vast market of university students, leveraging their high engagement with social media as a stepping stone for introducing them to Zentt. With an estimated 235 million students enrolled in universities worldwide in 2022, our goal is to captivate more than 0.5% of this demographic within three years, translating to a user base of over 1 million.

We identify students as an ideal initial audience because of their significant social media usage presents a natural entry point for Zentt's focus-enhancing solutions. Secondly, as students transition into the workforce, we anticipate they will continue to utilize Zentt, thereby facilitating our expansion into additional markets.

Upon achieving this milestone of 1 million users, we expected an monthly volume ranging between $10 million and $50 million USD in $znt transactions. This volume is anticipated to generate revenue of between $70,000 and $350,000 per month.

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